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Peter Kraemer

Peter describes himself as kind, fun, and charismatic. He is kind to everyone he meets, and he loves to have fun with friends. He cares so much about all his friends and family. This is his first year in PVIT and high school and is excited to continue his journey. What interested me a lot about the CubeSat is that we, a group of high school students, will be sending something into space and being able to send and receive information from the CubeSat and see what it looks like in space on our own. In middle school he was a web leader which means he helped the younger kids get used to and get comfortable with the new school they would be going to. On his lacrosse team at the end of the season he had received the MVP award. He has been on a lacrosse team for 6 years and a surf team for 2 years which shows that he is committed.

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