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Willow Wollman

Marketing Project Lead

I joined PVIT Space because I have always been interested in how vast space actually is, how little we have actually seen, and how beautiful space is. Willow describes herself as kind, motherly, and prepared. It is important to me that people feel good about themselves and what is happening around them. It pains me when people are too hard on themselves, unhappy, or so distressed that they may cause harm to themselves; consciously or unconsciously. She says that it is easier to be nice than it is to be mean. Willow is awed by what a cube sat can do, the information it can relay and the advances we can make as a result. She thinks it is impressive that her class could build and deploy this before some companies even start! Leadership is outside of Willow’s comfort zone and she challenges herself regularly as a result. She led several large Girl Scout group activities. She recently coached an AYSO team of little boys six and under. This past year, she was a Counselor in Training for Camp Kessem (a summer camp that I have attended for the past three years. It is for children of cancer survivors and those currently going through treatment). Currently, she is the marketing manager for this team. Willow is going to leverage the trifecta of her fluency in Japanese, her hard earned leadership skills and her love of space into a supernova career!

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