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Wylder Wollman

Wylder Wollman is a Freshmen this year and it is his 1st year on the PVIT team. This CubeSat program is teaching Wylder how to approach problems from a different angle and create new pathways for his neurons to fire! Wylder’s innate leadership skills have blossomed through opportunities in Boy Scouts where he recently joined the Leadership Committee. After he sustained an injury during a football game, he became the manager on his football team directing other injured players to set up for all the games and practices. And he put his engineering skills to work when he installed a solar panel on the Football team’s equipment shed! Wylder’s curly locks have earned him “Best Hair” at summer camp. He’s also very proud of all the awards he’s won for various art projects. The most meaningful was when a world-renowned artist gave him the opportunity to cut the ribbon for a mural he helped paint!

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